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Personal and Family Protection


Protect what matters most!

Providing a secure future for those most important to you is a central part of any financial plan and it may be simpler and more cost effective than you realise. Our team of expert financial advisers will research and structure the best personal insurance plan to align with your priorities and budget.

"We match your circumstances to your budget, protecting you against financial risks, helping you find value in our advice and guiding you in building wealth"

Holistic Approach

At our firm, we believe that financial planning should be personalised to each client's unique circumstances and goals. That's why our expert financial advisers take a holistic approach by providing you with comprehensive financial advice. We ensure that your budget and risk profile are carefully considered in every recommendation we make, while structuring the best personal insurance plan for you.

Cost-effective insurance Solutions

We will help you find value in our advice by providing transparent and affordable medical insurance and the best personal insurance plan to align with your goals and budget. We also understand that building wealth is a key priority for many of our clients, which is why we offer comprehensive financial advice with a range of investment strategies and financial planning services that are designed to help you achieve your long-term objectives.

Comprehensive Financial Advice

Our expert financial advisers will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring that you feel empowered and confident in your financial decisions. At our firm, we're committed to providing you with personalised, comprehensive financial advice that helps you achieve financial security and peace of mind.

Our Services

How we can help

We specialise in a diverse set of advisory services, including Life Insurance, Medical Insurance, Disability insurance, Mortgages & Lending, Investments & KiwiSaver. What sets us apart is our ability to provide expert guidance in each of these specific areas, either through our own team or in collaboration with our trusted partners to ensure we provide affordable medical insurance and the best personal insurance plan for you.

Life insurance

Life insurance is more than just paying off debt if you die, but it is a great place to start your financial planning journey. Talk to us about a tailored life insurance policy.

Medical insurance

We do have good public healthcare in this country, but it is under stress, even more so with the recent global pandemic. We work with a range of medical insurance providers to source the best and most affordable medical insurance solutions for you.

Mortgage/income protection

Income Protection and Mortgage protection are similar in structure. If you suffer an illness or injury that prevents you from working, you will receive regular monthly payments to cover your ongoing financial commitments like household bills and mortgage or rent payments. While income protection will cover a part or your income, mortgage protection will cover your mortgage or rent repayments.

Disability insurance

Whether you are off work temporarily, or permanently; disability insurance can protect your income, home and family should the unforeseen happen. Remember ACC will only cover accidental injury and that is why you may need to consider disability insurance.

Wealth management

We understand sound investing and our experts will help you develop and build your investment portfolio ensuring your wealth is managed in alignment with your needs and personal financial goals.

Estate planning

Even a basic will can ensure things are taken care of after you're gone, and it also makes things much simpler for those you leave behind.


You choose, an aggressive investor or cautious about retirement – we’ll help align your strategy with a KiwiSaver plan that is right for you.

How we're different

How much will it cost?

Most people want the solid-gold standard in personal insurance , except price gets in the way. We use our skill to maximise your cover for the budget you have while meeting your stated priorities.
Our promise

It is not just personal insurance, but the whole personal finance journey.

Our Holistic personal financial advice involves a comprehensive approach to financial planning that considers a person's entire financial situation, as well as their goals and values. It is based on the understanding that financial health is not just about making more money, but also about managing money effectively and in a way that aligns with one's personal values and long-term goals.

We also have many DIY options for you

DIY with Tower

Home, contents, boat, business insurance and landlord cover
They will be in contact with you.

Need a Will & Testament?

2/3 of Kiwis don’t have one. For only $100 you can arrange yours here.

Investments & KiwiSaver

Want to look at KiwiSaver or simple investing products without an Adviser, you can DIY here.