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"I was honoured to receive this award. I have a great team, awesome providers and I love my clients" Dominic Bish, Director


Bolster Risk Management is registered (FSP731572) and licensed Financial Advice Provider. The company was formed in June 2020. We help clients by working closely with them. To help you, we make personal and business finance easy, fitting within your budget. We understand the complicated stuff so that we can simply talk with you.


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For Families & individuals:

"We match your circumstances to your budget"

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“Business risk management to help you protect and grow your value”



Our commitment goes beyond merely guiding you in selecting suitable financial products; we accompany you through every stage of the process. Whether you encounter changes in your circumstances that require a review of your financial situation or require assistance with making a claim, we offer unwavering support throughout.

Our track record of successfully negotiating favourable outcomes for our clients surpasses what they could achieve independently, as it is an integral part of our service. It’s all part of our job and our dedication to providing you exceptional service.

Bolster Risk Management is part of the My Solutions network group of Financial Advice Professionals and companies. https://my-solutions.co.nz/

We also have many DIY options for you

DIY with Tower

Home, contents, boat, business and landlord cover
They will be in contact with you.

Need a Will & Testament?

2/3 of Kiwis don’t have one. For only $100 you can arrange yours here.

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Want to look at KiwiSaver or simple investing products without an Adviser, you can DIY here.

Business lending with Prospa

Being a small business owner can be tough but accessing funds to help you reach your business goals doesn't have to be. We'll go out of our way to get to know your business so we can help you find a funding solution.
Free to apply, no obligation.

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“Supporting Motor Neurone Disease (MND NZ) with every new policy issued.”


“We use Quotemonster, an independent third-party platform to help us research your insurance.”
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Dominic has been working as a Financial Adviser since October 2018, marking his third venture in the financial services industry. His earlier experiences include working as a mortgage broker in Melbourne in 2001, and being associated with Southern Cross Healthcare in their corporate group business in 2004. In 2007, he ended his tenure there as Sales Operations Manager. Following this, he worked for a small firm for nine years, helping them expand, purchase businesses, and get listed on the NXT. During his time there, he completed his MBA and eventually left as General Manager of one of their divisions. He then set up his own import distribution business before returning to financial services after a few years. Dominic has built a dependable network of strategic thinkers and leaders, who work together to shape the corporate focus of the company.
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Dom's Background

I have many years’ experience guiding people through different processes and I have become skilled at making complex ideas easy to understand. We can give you truly independent advice.

Carolyn's Background

highly skilled and experienced
She is highly skilled and experienced with managing the office, ensuring that applications and claims are processed efficiently. Carolyn is an asset for Bolster Risk Management with her dedication to the business and our clients.

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